SPSS statistical package

SPSS es un programa estadístico informático muy usado en las ciencia sociales  y las empresas de investigación de mercado. Originalmente SPSS fue creado como el acrónimo de Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

It is one of the best-known taking statistical programs into account their ability to work with large databases and a simple interface for the majority of the analysis. In version 12 SPSS analysis with 2 million records and 250.000 variables could be developed. The program consists in a module base and modules annexes that will have gone updating constantly with new statistical procedures.


In the following link it is available theUser manual of the basic system of IBM SPSS Statistics 20


Two video tutorials which introduces you to the SPSS and which you can see below have been developed within the Master’s Degree in Research in Clinical Medicine

Video tutorial 1

Content: This video introduces the SPSS and described:

-Type of files: data, results and syntax

-types of variables that you can use,

-coding of the variables,

-continuous variable recoding to categorical

– selection of cases


Videotutorial 2

Videotutorial 2

Content: This video introduces the SPSS and described:

-Creation of a new variable to a starting from two variables, i.e. the days of admission at the hospital from the discharge date and the date of entry.

-Exploration of the variables.

-Scanning continuous variables: mean, median, standard deviation, kurtosis, etc.

-Calculation of a normal distribution using the non-parametric test of Kolmogorov.

-Analysis of two categorical variables using the tables of contingency and chi-square test.

-Analysis of a categorical variable (sex) and a continuous variable using the test and the T-student.

(-Analysis of a categorical variable 8sex) and a continuous variables with non-normal distribution using a non-parametric test (U – Mann Withney)

-Use of syntax files to store the used analysis strategy.